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Tempcore Properties

Chemical Composition

Generally as per IS 1786:1985. However we maintain Carbon equivalent value to maximum 0.45%. (British Standard specifies 0.51% for grade 460).Carbon equivalent is determined by the following formula: Cequiv = C + Mn/6 + (Cr + Mo + V) / 5 + (Ni + Cu) / 15

Bend Properties

Easily satisfy International Standards. In India Bend & Rebend Tests are mainly carried out as per Indian 1786 & British 4449 standards. BHAGWATI TMT bars meet all such requirements.

Test IS 1786 Fe 415 Bhagwati 415 IS 1786 Fe 500 Bhagwati 500
Bend 3d (4d for>22 dia) 2d 4d (5d for>22dia) 3d
Rebend 5d (7d for>10 dia) 4d 5d (7d for>10dia 5d


Bhagwati TMT bars are produced with C less than 0.25% an are suitable for all the main welding processes without any special precautions. No pre-heating or post-heating is necessary. No loss of strength at weld- joints.

Strain Ageing

Ageing resistant due to the manufacturing process and chemical composition.


Approved internationally for dynamically stressed structural sections.

Properties at High Temperatures

Tempcore / Thermex bars, unlike CTD bars, have a proven record resisting loss of strength at high temperatures as experienced during fires.

Corrosion Resistance

More corrosion resistant than CTD bars. Cold working involved in CTD bars leads to surface stresses and consequent higher rate of corrosion - and, the protective scale layer falls off during twisting. Tempcore / Thermex process basically inhibits rate of scale formation an no cold working is involved.

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