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The last few decades has witnessed a demand for low-cost reinforcement bars of higher yield strength viz 450 N/mm2 (as in UK) or 500 N/mm2 (Germany Switzerland, France etc.). Cold twisting and other means such as raising carbo content directly affected the elongation and ductility and hence were found unacceptable. Technological advance such as the 'state-of-art' THERMEX thermo-processing treatment have enabled production of desired high strength rebars that meet all requirements of civil construction - yield strength ranging from 450 to 550 N/mm2 or more toughness, high elongation value and ductility, weldability, excellent bend properties etc.

A short, intensive but very precise in-line cooling of the rolled bar is imparted in THERMEX process through proprietary system. This treatment results in a cooled hardened periphery. On further cooling of the bar in atmosphere a Thermal exchange ( THERMEX ) occurs between the core and cooled outside martensite surface where by the resultant bar structure is a distinct tempered martensite at periphery and a fine grained ferrite - pearlite structure in the central zone

The BHAGWATI THERMEX BAR produced as above have unique qualities of desired high strength and toughness combined with excellent ductility with bars having elongation (A5) values of 18 to 25%.

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